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Rainy Days releases


CD (G.I.C.S.N.) 2005

Dave (guitar+sing) Aimee (drums) Karin (bass+sing) Tom (sax) Angel (piano)

Facework / Way Out West / Swing That Thing / The Photographer / It's A Way Out / Personal Best / Liquid Oxygen / Do Pussycats Have Bellybuttons? / Youth Of Today / Out In The Wide Open

Recorded at Frisbee #7 (Gt. North Rd.) by Bob, Oct. 2004, mixed and mastered in Rich's garage by Bob & Rich, 2005.

Hot Shit

CD (G.I.C.S.N.) 2003

Dave (guitar+sing) Karen (bass+sing) Smaller Aimee (drums) Tom (sax)

hot shit / disappear / love / pizza delivery / desert island blue / cash / suitable suit / third world shoes / joy tomorrow / boy next door

Recorded at Frisbee #7 (Gt. North Rd.) by Bob, 2003


CD (Honest Tooth / G.I.C.S.N.) 2003

compilation of recordings from 1992-1995

- Band starts as three street kids ends bigger than Earth wind and fire

20 tracks from Spongo, MummaGumma, the un-released BullyBeef Ep, uh-Huh! and more.

Rock 'n' Roll

7" (Kato) 1998

Rock 'n' Roll made me a man / I got the Rock / The creeper

Dave (guitar+sing) Dion (bass) Small Paul (drums) Tom (sax)

Recorded at Frisbee #5 (Randolph St.) by Bob, 1998


7" (Flying Nun 332) 1995

hot cakes / uh-huh! / g.o.g.

Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass) Tony (drums) Tom (sax) Johnathon (clarinet) Jackie (tuba) Glenn (sax) Alan (piano)

Recorded at Frisbee #4 (BNZ Symonds St.) by Bob, 1995

mummagumma bubblegum

cassette (F-Corp / G.I.C.S.N.) 1993

mummagumma / anten / lawnboy / ante

Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass+sing) Steve (drums) Phil (piano)

Recorded at Frisbee #2 (Bacon Factory)? by Bob, 1993

Rasberry Spongo

cassette (Frisbee) 1993

White Nigga / Nuclear Attack / Dodgem / Pearl roun' yo' neck

Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass+sing) Steve (drums)

Recorded at Frisbee #1 (Mayoral Drive)? by Bob, 1993


I've Got The Hutzvah P.O.P.

and other bits and pieces on various compilations