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CD (Honest Tooth / G.I.C.S.N.) 2003

dodgem / nuclear attack / white nigger / anten / mummagumma / lawn boy / pearl roun' yo' neck / uh huh! / anti / hot cakes / assault and battery / can't get no peace / cats unfinished symphony / bone balls / g.o.g. / successorist / baboon / do the stuka / motherload / live white nigger

Recorded at Frisbees #1-4 by Bob between 1992-96

Video: Dodgem

The rainy days first came together as the members of gestalt found themselves embattled in recording their "motherlode" album and were looking for an outlet to perform live in a setting that did not require the personnel for their increasingly bizarre arrangements and strict instrumentation demanded by their principal songwriter Davy G.

The drummer went semi-autistic and the singer took to bellowing through an orange road cone. The rainy days live performances varied between teenage house parties, primary school show and tells and mostly unannounced performances at other people's rock shows at such venues as the North Shore Netball association, Mount Eden's powerhouse and grunge's own bob bar.

At some point members of the mount albert municipal orchestra were added, namely Tom Dale, John Athon, Stuart Page and legendary fifteen year old tuba player Jackie Carley. Spongo and Smak burgers were sold, Slak was given away and yet cassette sales were slow.

The band reached its physical limit when they played at the aforementioned Mt. Eden venue in competition with the headline act, U.S.A's Fugazi. An overly ambitious use of guitar amplified through transistor radios and further amplified through the venue's enormous sound system along with the additional ten singers/percussionists led to an audioly compromised performance causing much controversy amongst the founding fathers of American hardcore and audience alike.

Jackie had School C and had to quit the band, bob had to shift frisbees one more time, Lance had to join King Loser, Rich got pregnant and Dave had to move south-west to Millerton and return to the motherlode, anten the pre prozac, assault and battery at dominon road KFC, do the stuka off the town hall balcony, white niggers franchising the disenfranchiseed, Big day out 1 was just around the corner.

This is a record of those times.


Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass+sing) Steve (drums)

Recorded at Frisbee #1 (Mayoral Drive) by Bob, 1992

previously unreleased

white nigga / nuclear attack / dodgem / pearl roun' yo' neck

Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass+sing) Steve (drums)

Recorded at Frisbee #1 (Mayoral Drive)? by Bob, 1993

from the Spongo cassette

mummagumma / anten / lawnboy / ante

Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass+sing) Steve (drums) Phil (piano)

Recorded at Frisbee #2 (Bacon Factory)? by Bob, 1993

from the mummugumma cassette

white nigga (live)

Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass+sing) Steve (drums) + cone choir

Recorded in High St., Auckland by Bob, 1994

previously unreleased

do the stuka

Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass+sing) Lance (drums)

Recorded at Frisbee #2 (Bacon Factory) by Bob, 1994

previously unreleased

assault and battery / can't get no peace / cats unfinished symphony

Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass) Lance (drums) Stuart (bongos) Tom (sax) Johnathon (trombone) Phil (piano) Ron+Dion (percussion)

bone balls

Dave+Rich+Tom (sing+stomp)

Recorded at Frisbee #2 (Bacon Factory) and #3 (Bond St.) by Bob, 1994

not quite released as the BullyBeef cassette

hot cakes / uh-huh! / g.o.g.

Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass) Tony (drums) Tom (sax) Johnathon (clarinet) Jackie (tuba) Glenn (sax) Alan (piano)

Recorded at Frisbee #4 (BNZ Symonds St.) by Bob, 1995

from the Uh-huh! 7" (Flying Nun)


Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass) Tom (sax) Ron (drums)

Recorded at Frisbee #4 (BNZ Symonds St.) by Bob, 1996

previously unreleased


Dave (guitar+sing) Rich (bass) Tom (sax) + stompers

Recorded at Frisbee #4 (BNZ Symonds St.) by Bob, 1996

previously unreleased


I love this shit !! Davy Graham is truly the last of the white niggers, at least around here anyway. And in the tradition of past great 'white niggers' like Mick Jagger, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop you can hear so many great black American influences on this album from travelling, hard living bluesman to Jimi Hendrix and even a touch of soul.
Yet this album never degenerates into any pale impersonation of these genres. Instead the music all comes together as a fabulous piece of rock & roll . This is more than the sum of it's influences because this is beautiful rock & roll madness. The kind of madness that is essential in any artistic endeavour that is intended to stand the test of time.
SPONGOMUMMAGUMMABULLYBEEF + MICROCHIPS was recorded at various Frisbee studio's around Auckland between '92 & '95 by Bob Frisbee. It's high quality low-fi with that classic analogue sound you will appreciate even more in 20 years time.
This is not safe music for the much too many. A fool could misread any band with song titles like 'white nigger', 'anti', 'baboon' and 'do the stuka'. Boot boys will be mostly disappointed however. This is cereberal stuff far beyond the oi boys. Well maybe not who knows what Dave's really up to? ...
- see the full review by Gone Magazine